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Tool & Knive

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NITE IZE Financial Tool - Multi-Tool Card (Stainless)
[Code: NITEI-FMTM-11-R7-CAR]

Tool & Knive

Retail Price: 8.50


The perfect item to fit in that extra credit card slot in your wallet - the Financial Tool Card is inch for inch the most versatile and useful item you'll carry. A durable, slimline stainless steel multi tool the size of a credit card, it has nine integrated tools for every day problem solving. Whether you need to pop a top, tighten a bolt, open a box, or much more, you'll find the tools you need right in your wallet. With a bottle opener, five standard-size wrenches, a phillips screwdriver/tape cutter, flathead screwdriver, scraper, metric and standard rulers, a protractor and drafting compass, you can't go wrong.

NITE IZE Financial Tool - Multi-Tool Card (Stainless)
Durable multi-tool constructed of 420 heat-treated stainless steel
Compact, credit-card size
Travel and airport friendly
Includes: bottle opener, 5 standard-size wrenches, phillips screwdriver/tape cutter, flathead screwdriver, scraper, metric and standard rulers, protractor, & drafting compass

Dimensions: 2" x 3" x .04" | 50mm x 77mm x 1mm
Weight: .6oz | 17g

Worldwide register air shipping cost USD 8

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