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Crye Precision (By ZShot) Adaptive Vest System (AVS) 2-Band Skeletal Cummerbund (M Size / Multicam)


Retail Price: 34.99


Military grade materials.
Using genuine Multicam.

Crye Precision (By ZShot) Adaptive Vest System (AVS).

Expand your AVS for heavier loadouts with significantly more MOLLE real estate via our replica 2-Band Cummerbund. Allowing the user to run the AVS alone as a traditional plate carrier with only the Platebags and 2-Band Cummerbund, or expand atop the harness-based AVS. Polymer insert between cummerbund webbing enables the user to affix pouches both on the inner and outer faces of the cummerbund, while keeping the cummerbund rigid yet flexible.

Manufactured exclusively for the weekend warrior enthusiasts, the officially licensed Crye Precision Tactical Gear and Clothing product line features replicas of the signature "Crye Licensed" ribbon, as well as clearly marked product identification tags, so that there is no confusion about the piece of gear in your hands.

x2 Crye Precision (By ZShot) Adaptive Vest System (AVS) 2-Band Skeletal Cummerbund (M Size / Multicam)

Worldwide register air shipping cost USD 18

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