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DAA Self-Setting Airsoft Target
[Code: DAACHT-TA-0001]


Retail Price: 89.90


The DAA Self-Setting Airsoft Target is a unique hi-tech motorized target, which offers some truly awesome features:

- Advanced hit detection algorithms, using a state-of-the-art accelerometer sensor and software. Every hit on the plate will activate the target. Hits next to the target will not.
- The target is held upright and driven down by the motor ? not the force of the BB impact, which can sometimes be very light. This prevents accidental knock-down by wind, or failure to knock-down by low speed BB?s.
- Optional fixed 3 second reset, or Infra-Red remote reset option.
- Infra-Red target to target communication. Can be used to activate props.
- Waterproof: The DAA Self Setting target is completely water and dust proof and can be used outdoors in rainy conditions.
- Standby mode: when left on, the unit?s battery will last approximately 1 month.
- Long battery life: 3000 plus activations can be achieved with one set of good quality AA batteries.

The targets can be mounted on a horizontal surface or vertically on a wall. In either case, the surface the target is mounted to should be stable and solid for best performance.

When screwing down the target?s feet, take care not to push them closer together, as that will interfere with the target motion. You should use 6 mounting screws (not included).

The unit requires three AA batteries (not included). For optimal performance use good quality batteries only. Using low-grade batteries will reduce the number of times the target can cycle. Rechargeable batteries may be used.

The Target has 4 modes of operation, which are selected by tapping on the target immediately after turning it on.
Mode 1: Floor mount, 3 seconds auto reset - tap once.
Mode 2: Floor mount, Infra-Red reset - tap twice.
Mode 3: Wall mount, 3 seconds auto reset - tap 3 times.
Mode 4: Wall mount, Infra-Red reset - tap 4 times.

Each target has two Infra-red transmitters, which transmit a signal left and right when the target is hit and goes down. This signal can be used to activate another target, using that second target to release a swinger or other type of activator.

Worldwide register air shipping cost USD 35

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