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APS Urban Assault Rifle (UAR) - BK
[Code: UAR501B]


Retail Price: 194.00


The APS Urban Assault Rifle (UAR) will change the way you look at bullpup Airsoft guns. The UAR is extremely versatile, with options added to the configuration to make it more user-friendly. In the past, the term "bull pup" meant an un-ergonomic weapon platform that required learning new functions and movements to complete the same tasks on a standard weapon. The UAR provides the operator with a fairly familiar platform so that operation is quick and easy. One example is the ambidextrous selector switch and ambidextrous trigger finger magazine release for users accustomed to an AR15 (plus another magazine release button in the rear right above the magazine well for those familiar with AUGs). The trigger finger magazine release places key switches in the forward part of the gun, unlike most other bull-pups. The cocking handle and ejection port cover are user-configurable for use on both sides. The bolt locks back for easy hop-up adjustment. The bolt release is strategically placed on top of the rear stock so that you can release it with your chin if needed! Battery is stored in the upper receiver along the spine of the gun, and is easily accessed by unscrewing a cap in the front part of the gun above the metal barrel. Ambidextrous QD sling mount.

Another cool feature of this gun is that the magazine well has a small spring-loaded mechanism that helps to eject the magazine download when the magazine release button is pressed. This means that the magazine drops straight down by itself when released, making for realistic and fast magazine changes. This is a first and is visually oh-so-cool!

Worldwide register air shipping cost USD 80

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