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Cybergun TANFOGLIO CO2 Limited Custom (Eric Grauffel)
[Code: CY-350501]


Retail Price: 128.95


Eric Grauffel is a French five time World Champion International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) target shooter and firearm instructor. Grauffel also known for having an unprecedented winning streak. The 32-year-old native of France has won 191 President Medals and is five times World Champion of the IPSC.

The new Cybergun TANFOGLIO CO2 Gold Custom has been approved by the 5-time-winner, Eric Graufell and his name holds a lot of weight within the IPSC community. So if he approves this, then it's got to be something worthwhile.

The TANFOGLIO is of a die-cast full metal construction so it is rather hefty as it weighs a heavy 1200 grams. It has holes on the sides if you wish to add a dot sight mount to it and a red dot sight on top of that but you'll have to buy those two separately.

It runs on a BAX system. It offers exceptional stability in performance with the added bonus of increased velocity and accuracy. It has to be considering it's a IPSC airsoft gun. It also runs on CO2 so it can withstand colder temperatures so you can count on it being reliable in every sense.

It'll be a series competitor in the Airsoft IPSC world but remember, it's about the shooter, no the gun!

Weight: 1,200 g
Length: 217 mm
Capacity: 18 rds
Power: 450 fps
Power Source: CO2
Blowback: YES
Shooting Mode: Semi

Worldwide register air shipping cost USD 45

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