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    Win Gun

Win Gun

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Win Gun Revolver Sport 7 Series 4 Inch (CO2 / Black)
[Code: WG-701BK]

Win Gun

Retail Price: 125.00


Right out of the box, the revolver not only looks decent but it feels great too. A good weight gives the metal weapon a nice heft but the ergonomically shaped rubberized grip make it a joy to operate.

A single 6mm BB is loaded into each mixed metal/plastic shell (metal body/case with plastic nozzle), the revolver loads a total of all six shells that come with the pistol. The mechanism is single / double action allowing the hammer to be cocked with the trigger pull or manually with a hammer lock to lighten a single action trigger pull.

The hammer pull is not light, the mechanism shoring up tight as this pistol runs on much higher pressure than most of its cousins. Running on a CO2 capsule in the handle (not included), the beast puts out BBs at around 400 FPS.

This model comes with two accessory rails that can be optionally added to the top and bottom should you wish to add aftermarket accessories (not included).

Hop-Up : FIXED
Weight 825 g
Length 250.0 mm
Capacity 6 rds
Power 400.0 fps
Power Source CO2 Capsule (12g)
Blowback NO
Shooting Mode Double Action Semi

Worldwide register air shipping cost USD 28

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