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    Receiver & Parts

Receiver & Parts

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FCC Velocity NOV N4 Gen3 Style CNC Receiver Set (For PTW)

Receiver & Parts

Retail Price: 630.00


Velocity Nov N4 Gen3 CNC receiver set A created receiver set for the FCC, Celcious & Systema TW AR Series, the receiver is a rigid MilSpec flat-top upper receiver made to fit all AR15/M16/M4 rifles and carbines. They were developed to give the customer a MilSpec correct receiver with a stronger platform. This more rigid receiver will increase accuracy and reliability, while extending the life of the interfacing components, such as the cylinder and barrel assembly. The N4 Gen3 also feature one-piece build in enhanced trigger guard & larger mag well for tactical purposes need. They were CNC milled from solid block A6061-T6 Aluminum, offers enhanced durability and precise engineering.

Prior to machining, heat treated, aged twice and undergoes a proprietary cryogenic treatment. They all precision machined and each part finished by hand & features realistic markings engraved onto the body. There is not a better receiver available. FCC ensures the reliability and accuracy of our production process by using precision machining equipment, thorough quality control inspections, and a 100% final check of all critical dimensions. When you own a FCC recieiver, you have the highest quality receiver available on the market today.

Please note that FCC products/parts may require professional installation, with proper tools, you can consult your local dealer/gunsmith or directly contact us for better assembly results.

Worldwide register air shipping cost USD 32

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