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    Trigger Set

Trigger Set

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KRYTAC AEG Trident M4 Trigger Assembly
[Code: KTP-KA001-50A]

Trigger Set

Retail Price: 10.99


The KRYTAC Trigger Assembly comes complete with trigger and spring. Though it may seem insignificant, trigger characteristics are very important to accuracy. The KRYTAC trigger is specifically made with a very wide bow (front surface) and 90 edges to give the shooter a discernible surface area to pull that is perpendicular to the bore of the gun. The shape and curvature of the trigger aid the shooter in a straight trigger pull that will not deviate the bore from its intended target. The accompanying spring provides even resistance against the trigger throughout the entire stroke. In the same way tires are the only connection between an automobile and the road, the trigger is only connection the shooter has to the action of their firearm, and the KRYTAC Trigger Assembly is designed to aid the operator in achieving the most out of every shot.

Worldwide register air shipping cost USD 7

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