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    IPhone & IPad Case

IPhone & IPad Case

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Dytac Water Transfer outer shell for iPhone 4 (Multicam)
[Code: DY-WT01-MC]

IPhone & IPad Case

Retail Price: 10.00


As a rigid hard case type of skin for the iPhone, its practical purpose is to protect that oh so shiny smooth finish on that Apple device; although it will more then likely not help that much against hard impacts, it is certainly better than nothing. If it does break on a drop, it might at least offer its services ablativley but sacrificing its own destruction to stave of nicks or scratches on your pretty smart phone.

There are many skins and cases out there for such devices but finding the one that you can live with and says just the right thing about your personal tastes can be as much of an accessory statement as the phone itself. Dytac offers this line of cases in real world camouflage patterns and while your phone probably does not need camouflaging all that badly it might at least go some way in looking better then the boring plain schemed, bedazzled cheesy or brightly colored cartoony alternatives out there.

For those in more particular inclination, of course these schemes are also fitting for users who Airsoft or hunt or for that matter have anything to do with military, law enforcement, private security or just fans of the militant lifestyle.

This product is available in a whole line of different camo schemes including Digital Desert, Digital Woodland, ACU, Multicam and A-TACS; that said, be sure to poke around the website and take a good look at all of them to see which ones you like. With price tags like this, you could even pick up a variety (or all of them) and then rotate them depending on your mood.

This case is designed for the Apple iPhone 4 (and will not fit the iPhone 3G).

Worldwide register air shipping cost USD 7

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