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G&G L85 A2 Carbine
[Code: EGL-L85-CAR]


Retail Price: 343.00


The SA80 (Small Arms for the 1980s) is a British family of 5.56mm small arms. It is a selective fire, gas-operated firearm. SA80 prototypes were trialed in 1976 and production was completed in 1994. The L85 rifle variant of the SA80 family has been the standard issue service rifle of the British Armed Forces since 1987, the improved L85A2 remains in service today. The remainder of the family comprises the L86 Light Support Weapon, the short-barreled L22 carbine and the L98 Cadet rifle.

Only a couple of centimeters short and a couple hundred grams lighter then the real thing, this thing feels very real indeed and is easily the best example of an L85 replica on the Airsoft market as of late 2010. A bold creation of high strength polymer and steel, the combination of strange ergonomics and control layout unique of the L85 bullpup is faithfully recreated.

Arclight was trained on the L98A1 cadet rifle variant of the real steel weapon in high school and can personally attest to the very real feel of this gun albeit a very new, shiny, clean version as supposed to the gun oil greasy one he was introduced back in the day. Even the polymer furniture makes use of the same nylon material on the handguard, pistol grip and cheek piece and even recreates the real steels furniture texture pretty great as well. They have even re-created the nagging little breech dust cover found on the real steel.

G&Gs creation feeds from a G&G M4 magazine, a high cap 450 round version being included with the weapon. Having tested it across a few samples, we can attest to its compatibility with Tokyo Marui magazines as well making the prospect of buying additional ones very easy. It field strips realistically, the barrel is CNC machined steel, the piston is realistic and the gearbox even has an electric dummy blowback system which cycle the bolt while firing. The bolt can lock to the rear (manually) by use of the functioning bolt catch which makes accessing the hop-up unit that much easier. The rubberized butt plate makes shouldering the weapon pretty comfortable too. The pistol grip has a removable base cap to access a small inner compartment which can be use to store small tools or batteries.

A bullpup weapon, the magazine well is located behind the trigger group and as such the inner barrel length is approximately the same as an M4A1 despite the overall weapon being 140 mm shorter. The milspec carry handle has the integrated iron sight which is fine for mid range shooting but the handle and front iron sight can be removed and the removal of the carry handle exposes the accessory rail for mounting alternative optics (not included). For those that care, the fire selector and safety are operated independently of each other allowing you to carry a safe weapon pre-selected in either fire mode which is a handy plus.

As a G&G weapon the gearbox can accept internal modification with standard parts but do note that the recoil system may become damaged if you modify the rate of fire to be anything high then its stock rate (running on an 8.4v battery) as such the recoil system should be disabled if you plan to do so. The battery storage solution is front wired in the handguard accessible via the removal of the lower handguard by a single screw (guide in the manual); the small space fits a mini 8.4v battery rather snugly so alternative battery options are likely to be anything larger then a mini 9.6v or a small LiPo (again, bare in mind that a higher rate of fire may damage the recoil system so be sure to disable

Weight 3,634 g
Length 710 mm
Capacity 450 rds
Power 330 fps
Battery Size 8.4v Mini
Shooting Mode Semi, Full Auto

Worldwide register air shipping are USD 80

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