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Nine Ball Custom Trigger TAU for M&P9 GBB Series - Gold
[Code: NB-4571443153395]


Retail Price: 40.99


Lightweight aluminum construction.
Powdered gold finish.
Adjustable travel.
Hooked trigger base design.
Single piece trigger, eliminating the trigger safety.

Tokyo Marui M&P9 series GBB pistols.

The Nine Ball custom trigger TAU for M&P9 GBB pistols is a single piece trigger upgrade over the original two piece triggers found on standard TM M&P GBB pistols. The benefit of this trigger is its ability to adjust for travel with a screw on the bottom of the trigger and its design to eliminate the two piece trigger safety solely relying on the slide safety found on each TM M&P9 series pistol. Adding the hook design found at the base of the trigger, this also enables slightly better ergonomics when wanting to shoot faster.

The self installation might not be recommended for users unfamiliar with the platform, do seek the assistance of a technician to assist with installation.

x1 Nine Ball Custom Trigger TAU for M&P9 GBB Series - Gold

Worldwide register air shipping cost USD 7

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