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    King Arms

King Arms

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King Arms SIG 556 Shorty
[Code: KA-AG-23]

King Arms

Retail Price: 488.00


A member of the SIG 550 family the 556 is the commercialized variant of the 551 carbine, designed specifically for the American Market. Where most of the 550 family requires the use of its own specific magazines, the 556 features a new aluminum lower receiver compatible with standard m16 magazines and an M4 telescoping buttstock. With Picatinny rails now installed and the older dioptic sights replaced with a simpler front and rear flip up sights. Other than the lower receiver, all other parts of the SIG 556 are compatibly modular with the rest of the SIG 550 family.
Constructed from Aluminum with FRP furniture, the King Arms SIG 556 Shorty features a 6 position telescoping M4 buttstock which also houses a 7.4V 1000mAh Lithium Polymer battery, and faithfully reproduces its real steel counterpart. A Shorty RAS HOLO handguard has been fitted for the addition of various accessories. Whilst the King Arms SIG 556 Shorty feels extremely solid with very little play in the body, the telescoping butt stock however is loose to facilitate in quick changes in length on the fly; it also comes complete with fully licensed authentic SIGARMS markings and a unique serial number.

The King Arms SIG 556 features a mechanically operated moving bolt carrier, and with each shot produces a very satisfying metallic "clank".

Length (Retracted): 670mm
Length (Extended): 750mm

We recommends a SOCOM GEAR 7.4V 1000mAh Li Po battery (10C Short Stick Version) for the King Arms SIG 556 Shorty (Batteries Not Included).

Product Code KA-AG-23 Hop-Up ADJUSTABLE
Weight 3,030 g Length 750.0 mm
Capacity 135 rds Power 330.0 fps
Motor - Battery Size 7.4V 1000mAh Li Po
Shooting Mode Semi, Full Auto

Worldwide register air shipping are USD 70

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