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    King Arms

King Arms

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King Arms 24 inch Free Float Heavy Barrel Sniper Rifle
[Code: KA-AG-10-L]

King Arms

Retail Price: 372.00


This is the King Arms 24 inch Free Float Heavy Barrel Sniper Rifle and that is its actual name. If you wish to name it yourself, then you have every right to do so as the name is rather boring but let's forget about that.

The name explains everything that it is. It does have a 24 inch outer barrel, surrounded by a free float hand guard which is very comfortable to hold. Right in front of the hand guard is a small rail for anything you'd like to apply to it.

The receiver is exactly the same as what you'd see on an M4. Believe it or not, this is another AR Variant just with a different outlook and made specifically for sniping. Apply a scope to the top rail and that's all you'll ever need!

You'll only ever fire this in Semi though it would be a great to use in full auto if you want to cover fire for your team mates. It's fires at a steady 300 fps though you'd probably want to increase it if you want to be a sniper for those longer distances.

Weight: 3,134 g
Length: 1,075 mm
Capacity: 190 rds
Power: 300 fps
Battery Size: Large 9.6v

Worldwide register air shipping cost USD 80

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