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    King Arms

King Arms

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King Arms Colt M4 RIS (Licensed by Cyber Gun)
[Code: KA-AG-99]

King Arms

Retail Price: 250.00


Constructed from Aluminum with Nylon Fiber Furnishings, the officially licensed Colt M4A1 by King Arms is very robust with little to no noticeable play found on the body, it is both aesthetically pleasing to feel, and to look at. Weighing in at just under 3200g the King Arms M4 weighs just like the real steel counterpart when fully loaded with its 30rds of 5.56x45mm NATO Rounds.

It features a bolt catch system which holds the bolt open for any adjustments needed with the Hop-up. Racking the Bolt Carrier also makes a crisp clacking sound, the King Arms M4A1 features a six positional butt-stock, and a side-sling mount, with all of Colt's official manufacturer markings shown on the body.

The position to put the battery is inside a plastic dummy PEQ battery box (comes with the gun), which is to be fit on the RIS outside the gun

Inner barrel length: 375mm
Length (stock retracted): 770mm
Length (stock extended): 850mm

Worldwide register air shipping cost USD 80

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