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    King Arms

King Arms

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King Arms Blaser R93 LRS1 Ultra Grade
[Code: KA-AG-74]

King Arms

Retail Price: 249.00


The Blaser R93 Rifle by KingArms is a piece of art. Originally designed as a German sniper rifle with superb accuracy. But this airsoft R93 is very accurate as well, it comes with a bipod mount, perfect for steady sniping.

What' so special about it? It features the straight pull bolt. Instead of the normal lift and pull the Blaser Rifle requires the user to pull the bolt handle straight back to eject and push forward to seat the new rounds. The straight pull bolt is very light, easy to pull but cocking more than 430fps

-Body is made of polymer and metal, it's light and easy to taken apart.
-Adjustable cheek and butt pad.
-Fully licensed trade marks.
-Tactical rail for sights attachment.
-50rds high capacity magazine.
-With the safety engaged the rifle is actually in an un-cocked position leave the firearm unable to fire.

With 0.2g bbs, the KA R93 shoots more than 430 fps, it will able to shoot more than 60ft, with the hop-up adjusted.

Weight 3,060 g
Length 1150.0 mm
Capacity 50 rds
Power 430.0 fps
Power Source Spring
Blowback NO
Shooting Mode Semi

Worldwide register air shipping cost USD 90

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