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    Aifsoft Surgeon

Aifsoft Surgeon

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Airsoft Surgeon ST 20th Anniversary Limited Set (Silver) with Red Dot
[Code: AS-GBB-011]

Aifsoft Surgeon

Retail Price: 988.00


To celebrate STI's 20th Anniversary, They have launched a Special Limited edition pistol. However, the pistol is only limited to 200 pcs worldwide. In result of that, it is sold out within 48 hours of going on sale.

For those who wants the STI 20th Anniversary SV but couldn't get their hands on one, here is your second chance.

The Surgeon has done it again, this time the SV is dressed with the ultra cool slide. The Airsoft Surgeon ST 20th Anniversary slide featured the roman number XX as the cocking groove and all of the engravings are at where they should be.

The Surgeon installed shock buffer and tweaked sear and sear spring. The ultra light trigger pull and shorten stroke allows you to fire as quickly as your finger can tap.

This pistol featured the Surgeon's latest invention. The Surgeon Pro Shooter scopes Mount with a RD-Dynamic red dot sight. You can switch between Standard class and Open Class in a matter of seconds.

Weight 1,002 g
Length 230.0 mm
Capacity 28 rds
Power 295.0 fps
Power Source Top Gas
Blowback YES
Shooting Mode Semi

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