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    Aifsoft Surgeon

Aifsoft Surgeon

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Airsoft Surgeon Costa Steel 4.25 inch M&P9 (FREE Ship)
[Code: AS-GBB-238]

Aifsoft Surgeon

Retail Price: 888.00


The real M&P is initially intended for law enforcement agencies only, though also now available in the commercial market.

The Airsoft Surgeon Costa Steel 4.25 inch M&P9 features a steel slide and outer barrel set, polymer frame, slide release and slide catch lever, a textured grip, and three different sized back straps in Black, it provides really nice gripping even for big hands. Complete with a unique serial number. It also has adjustable BLACK grips for smaller hands as well! The most unique aspect about the M&P9 is that it can fire in full auto as well!

It was built by Airsoft Surgeon and allows the VFC M&P9 (licensed by Cybergun) to shoot with a heavy, sluggish heft that doesn't feel bad at all. It's quite the opposite. One aspect that makes it extra special is the custom Costa slide.

The outer barrel is made out of steel as well which explains its duller silver tone

Steel slide, Green gas ready.
Tri Dot Affair
Adjustable hop up
Comes with a magazine with 23+1 rounds

Shooting at 340 fps with 0.2g BB and green gas, perfectly good for indoor games or as a sidearm.

Weight: 775 g
Length: 180 mm
Capacity: 24 rds
Power: 340 fps
Power Source: Green Gas / Top Gas
Blowback: YES
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto

Worldwide register air shipping cost USD 30

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