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    Aifsoft Surgeon

Aifsoft Surgeon

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Airsoft Surgeon US M9 Steel Version
[Code: AS-GBB-150]

Aifsoft Surgeon

Retail Price: 1099.00


This is based on the full metal body of the 92F Beretta from KJW. The Internal mechanism is designed by KJW and while durability and upgrade potential is not as good as the 92F's from TM and WA, this version does offer value to those who believe a metal body is of utmost importance. An of course, the KJ CO2 system is the best available on the market, and is by far the most suited to push the heavy steel slide back. KJ places it's own KJ logo on the grip.

For M9 fans who have watched with watery eyes at 1911 fans having all the fun with the steel Inokatsu 1911, Airsoft Surgeon was asked by many of his loyal fans to make a steel M9 / 92F version. So Airsoft Surgeon decided to make a few modifications to the KJ M9 platform. When I say few, I actually meant the entire externals of this M9. You want it to weight more like the real steel version? Well, it's made out of steel and comes with 2 CO2 magazines so you can expect quite a kick. And let me tell you... it kicks like a horse! Each CO2 cartridge will go through around 2-3 full magazine rounds which is pretty efficient. As you pull the slide back, you know the internals are KJ based on air blue hop up unit!

If you are an M9 fan and want an Airsoft version that is heavy and feels real, plus kicks very hard, then this is what you've been waiting for.

Weight: 1,098 g
Length: 217 mm
Capacity: 25 rds
Power: 345 fps
Power Source: CO2 & Gas
Blowback: YES
Shooting Mode: Semi

Worldwide register air shipping cost USD 40

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