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Socom Gear MEU 1911 Limited Edition (Tan)
[Code: SOG-MEU1911-LE-TN]


Retail Price: 149.99


A durable tan powder coat gives this gun a earthy matte finish; including an enhanced Pro-Grip with brass marine inserts, bottom partial rail for attaching tac-lights and other accessories, a threaded barrel and barrel thread adapter for attaching the included Gemtech Outback-II 5-inch silencer, a pistol lanyard in matching tan and clocking in at 330fps on TOP gas/Propane this is quite the spicy little monster.

From beginner to veteran whether you want a full kit to begin with, or a complete kit nice and hassle free, then this is a serious contender; and let's face it, the lanyard isn't really necessary but it is damn cool.

The grips, sights and heavy slide makes this gun a joy to shoot, it's power makes it effective to shoot, it's rail and threading make it versatile to shoot and whatever it gets up to it will look damn fine while doing it.

Weight 1,160 g
Length 360.0 mm
Capacity 15 rds
Power 330.0 fps
Power Source HFC134a & TOP gas
Blowback YES
Shooting Mode Semi

Worldwide register air shipping cost USD 55

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