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Maruzen LA870 Youth with Live Ammo Eject System
[Code: MRZ-LA870-YO]


Retail Price: 85.00


The Maruzen LA870 Youth is an extremely light weight shotgun constructed entirely from light weight Fiber Glass. Only capable of firing up to 110fps, the LA870 Youth is a relatively safe Airsoft springer suitable for young children (Remember to wear protective goggles!). It features a 20rds reversible magazine, with 10rds per side, a very light pump action system and even an adjustable hop-up.
1x 20rd magazine.
5x 6mm Live Ammo Eject Shell.
Total Length: 502mm

Consider purchasing more Live Ammo Eject Shells for your LA870 Youth Shotgun [MRZ-SHE-LA870] and extra magazines [MRZ-MAG-LA870].

Product Code MRZ-LA870-YO Hop-Up ADJUSTABLE
Weight 805 g Length 502.0 mm
Capacity 20 rds Power 110.0 fps
Power Source Springer Blowback NO
Shooting Mode Pump Action

Worldwide register air shipping are USD 40

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