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    Hydration Backpacks / Bottle

Hydration Backpacks / Bottle

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Pantac Molle 1.75L Hydration Pouch Set (A-TACS / Cordura) PH-S827-AT-A
[Code: PH-S827-AT-A]

Hydration Backpacks / Bottle

Retail Price: 85.00


A-TACS is a new and radical advancement in camo design and technology, developed by Digital Concealment Systems (DCS). Most traditional digital camo patterns use small square pixels, which is insufficient to visually reproduce the natural formations (e.g. shapes, forms, or shadow.....etc) appeared in environment. The A-TACS pattern by comparison removes the sharp angles and replaces with very small organically shaped pixels, and adds specific colors carefully chosen to match the natual environment, and taking this process a step further the small organically shaped pixels are placed within larger groupings to create a "pattern within a pattern" effect. This radical advancement means that A-TACS is able to conceal the operator far more effectively and at greater distances comparing traditional camo patterns.

Pantac has taken the step even further by adding the A-TACS pattern to their combat gear sections. This time as a compact hydration backpack can be attached to an armoured vest, such as the CIRAS, via the MOLLE webbing. The water bladder can be secured in place by a straps(Not Included), preventing displacement of the bladder. It has the proven bite valve sytem, and has a hydro lock valve. The water bladder is accessible from the back via 3 push buttons. 1.75 litre capacity.

Constructed with 1000D Cordura, with buckles and clips by UTX.

220mm long x 290mm high x 25mm wide

Worldwide register air shipping are USD 12

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