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SOCOM Gear M12 Holster for M9A1 Pistol
[Code: SOG-HS-01]


Retail Price: 50.00


The Model M12 Universal Military Holster has been US armed forces standard issue holster since the 1980s having seen action from Bosnia to Panama and Iraq; this product does a nice job emulating it.

The holster itself is a firm fabric with a flap over the top held down by an elasticized hook bar. It is specifically designed to fit the M9 pistol which it does so snuggly but its generous amorphous design will also take similarly sized and shape weapons like the M1911. Non M9 pistols will not fit as snuggly but will still work.

The closed end of the holster means that this will not fit non standard long-slide version of the pistol. The pinch-lock bracket on the rear will attach to a belt or strap and with a little fiddling may squeeze on to MOLLE straps as well.

Worldwide register air shipping cost USD 12

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