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Bags & Cases

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Pantac A-III MOLLE Medic Pack (Black) PK-C032-BK-A
[Code: PK-C032-BK-A]

Bags & Cases

Retail Price: 244.00


Making use of Cordura, this backpack is a fairly typical example of Pantacs line-up of products that for all Airsoft purposes are just short of indestructible.

This 50 x 42cm bag is a good mid-sized bulk which is neither too small for decent cargo nor too large for encumbered movement; pending, of course, the dimensions and proportions of the person using it.

With a main compartment that fills most of the bag and an outer compartments of similar dimension except shallower, the bag is internally festooned with individual small pockets and compartments. There is even a fold-out panel almost the size of the bag covered with MOLLE straps on the inside for use with a set of tools or equipment that need to be flipped out and displayed as such.

With decent padding to protect the interior pockets of the bag both from the outside and from its own multiple compartments, it also has a decent amount of padding on the adjustable shoulder straps. This bag also has a padded belt strap that buckles at the front as well as a smaller cross-strap between the shoulder straps across the chest.

Of course like many Pantac products, this backpacks exterior is littered with additional adjustable clip straps and MOLLE rigging so you can add yet more bags, pouches and accessories as you see fit.

Whether medic or engineer, the ability to carry a well organized set of tools and materials in the field is mission critical. If you are indeed of an environment-survivable outdoorsman caliber backpack that also needs to fulfill such a technical role, look no further. Unless of course you want to check out Pantacs other excellent bags in which case by all means look further.

Worldwide register air shipping cost are USD 50

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