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Outer Barrel / Chamber

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A Plus Airsoft KC02 Combo Set (20 inch Outer Barrel + 440mm Inner Barrel + Hop Up Rubber)
[Code: A-COM-KC02-20]

Outer Barrel / Chamber

Retail Price: 118.99


The A Plus Airsoft KC02 Combo Set includes a 20 inch Outer Barrel + 440mm Inner Barrel + Hop Up Rubber. If you're looking for a kit that will increase the performance of your current KC02 and add a bit of style to the outer barrel, then this particular kit will work out perfectly for you.

Hop-up, (High Operation Power Up), is basically describes the back spin trajectory of an BB pellets, by adjusting the Hop-Up to increase their range and accuracy.As the pellet shoots through this hop up bucking, the friction creates the spin, it tends to roll and backspin. Tokyo Marui's flat hop up system used to be really good Hop up bucking and nub, however this A+studio hop up came up with this "concave" shape bucking, it will provide you the best hop up effect ever.

It's designed with the concave-Hop concept in the sense of the longer contact patch and more concave. Using heavier rounds and setting the hop up well, it will have remarkable range increases, as well as fps. Reason being that with the long contact patch nub, it can't effectively allow the bucking to deform to fit the bb's profile as it gets squeezed through the bucking, it tends to allows pellets to fly farther and fall less.

The inner diameter of the A+studio hop up bucking is smaller and tighter than any existing hop-up rubber, so it will have much better air-sealing and higher fps. The amazing thing about this particular hop up kit is that it that now the KC02 can use VSR type inner barrel for more precision shooting.

Worldwide register air shipping cost USD 30

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