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    Battery Charger

Battery Charger

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BOL Battery Charger DD01 (1.2V - 13.8V, 110v-240v Power Supply included) for NiMH / NiCD Batteries (UK Plug)
[Code: CHG-DD01-UK]

Battery Charger

Retail Price: 71.80


BOL Battery Charger DD01 (1.2V - 13.8V, 110v-240v Power Supply included) for NiMH / NiCD Batteries (UK Plug).


High Speed same rate negative delta voltage and zero delta voltage auto-detect cut off circuit with MOSFET control for peak detection. Pulsation charge method to prevent overcharge and overheat.
Charge Ni-HM battery by Zero delta voltage technology without using thermo-detection probe.
User selectable charging mode for Ni-CD and Ni-HM battery.
Front panel with "MODE" button and "dial log" to switch between: SLOW CHARGE, FAST CHARGE, DISCHARGE, 1 CYCLE and 3 CYCLES (Dial Log)
"CHARGE AMP" to select charging current from 0.5A ~ 6.0A.
4-digit LCD display with back-light showing output V, output A, capacity mAH, peak voltage and duration information.
8-bit 8MHz CPU with 2KB ROM, 128B RAM, 8-chanel 10-bit AD and 8-bit PWM current control.
Volt threshold 4mV/cell for Ni-CD and NiMH battery.
Auto-detect the number of cells and battery.
Trickle current (0.1A) after any mode finished.
Reverse polarity protection system.
Charge battery pack with combination 1~15 cells.
Auto detect switching power supply input 100~240V AC or 12V DC.
Build-in 5A discharge device for single or 3 cycles discharge.
6 cm cooling fan to enhance the performance.


Input Voltage: DC 12.0V ~ 15.0V.
Number of Cells: 1 ~ 15 cells.
Battery Voltage Range: 1.2V to 18.0V with come with AC adapter.
Charging Current: 0.5A to 6.0A.
Discharge Current: 5A

Worldwide register air shipping cost USD 14

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