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SolarForce L2T 18650/CR123A Flashlight Body - Stainless Steel
[Code: SF-L2T-ST]


Retail Price: 65.00


The L2T has become more and more popular among flashlight users. Solarforce now provides our valueable customers with a special edition of it. While reserving the remarkable features of flexibility and wide-application of the L2T, the design of L2T (Special Edition) is a combination of style and practical nature. The body is mainly constructed of precisely CNC-ed stainless steel and is consisted of head, battery tube and tail-cap switch as its major parts. Users may install various high-efficiency bulb modules and / or accessories to the L2T depending on their needs. We hope this edition will become a collector's item to our valueable customers.

Specifications and Features :

Consists of head assembly, battery tube and tail-cap switch (bulb modules are not included), which are replaceable and compatible with the Solarforce accessories designed for the L2-Series
Body constructed mainly of stainless steel
Strengthened ultra-clear glass lens with two-surface coating
Compatible with various Solarforce LED and xenon bulb modules
Uses two CR123A or 16340, or one 18650 battery by default
Tail-cap standard (forward) click switch (momentary on with a slight press, constant on after a click), able to withstand 3A current, also able to stand stably on its end
Water-proof design
Size (length x head diameter x battery tube diameter x tail cap diameter): 139 x 32 x 22 x 25.4mm
Weight: 193g (excluding drop-in modules and batteries)

Users may purchase any of the Solarforce accessories based on their preference and needs, to use with the L2T (Special Edition):

High-performance LED module, with different beam colour, power output, output modes, input voltage, beam pattern, etc: LC-1, LC-XPG, LC-XML, LC-XML U2, LC-XML2, LC-Colour, LC-IR, LC-UV, IH-1
LED head: M3, M3s, K3
Tactical Bezel Ring, made of full stainless steel and provides self-defense function: L2-B3, L2-B4, L2-B5, L2-B6
Filter: L2-CF (RGBY coloures), L2-CFR (red), L2-IRF (infra-red)
Lantern Host and Wand Host, provide portable wide-angle illumination for outdoor camping and general use: LT-1, L2-DW
Pocket / Belt Clip, made of full stainless steel and highly durable: L2-PC2
Tail-cap Switch (tactical, forward click, ready-to-stand-on-tail and pressure tape switches): L2-S6, L2-S8, L2-S10, L2-S11, L2-S12, PTS-2, PTS-3
Extension Tube, for multiple battery configuration: L2-ECR (CR123A / 16340), L2-E18 (18650)
Nylon Holster, delicate and durable: FH-1, FH-6, FH-8
Lanyard Ring, made of stainless steel, delicate and durable: L2-LR1
Flashlight Mount, made of aluminum alloy: M-001, M-013, M-014, M-015
Battery Charger: SF-16 (16340), SF-18c (18650)
Batteries: CR123A (primary lithium battery), S16340-P, RCR123A, S18650-P, S18650P(V3) (rechargeable li-ion battery)

Flashlight Body only, NO bulb include.

Worldwide register air shipping cost USD 7

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