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G&P M4 Carbine V5 GBB
[Code: WOC37]


Retail Price: 315.00


The G&P M4 Carbine V5 GBB is based on the WA M4 GBB system, making it a realistic platform for airsofting. The bolt cycles the full distance, it disassembles in a realistic fashion and operates like the real thing. The trigger response is immediate with no spooling time to be caused by a motor in an AEG. The metal bolt and buffer provide strong recoil

The DD style rail replacing the standard foregrip is robust and beautifully anodized in black for maximum finish durability. It features laser-engraved numerical markings on the rails for easy management of accessory mounting. The bolt securing system unique to the DD style railed foregrip makes it exceedingly robust with absolutely no play between it and the upper receiver.

The 13.5 inch outer barrel is free floated (independent of the foregrip) for maximum stability and accuracy. Its one piece design ensures it's durability and it's further stabilized by a dummy gas tube and a low profile gas block cunningly hidden within the foregrip.

Whether you are looking for a base to begin customization, or a ready to skirmish airsoft gun, the G&P WOC series is always a good place to start.

Weight: 2,392 g
Length: 800 mm
Capacity: 50 rds
Power: 370 fps
Power Source: Top Gas
Blowback: YES
Shooting Mode: Semi, Full Auto

Worldwide register air shipping cost USD 80

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