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    Tokyo Marui

Tokyo Marui

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Tokyo Marui Spring Model 17 (High Grade)
[Code: SW005-TM]

Tokyo Marui

Retail Price: 32.00


Used by law enforcement officers throughout the world, the Model 17 is the most popular spring gun that we carry. Very solidly built and packs enough punch to give a nasty welt, the Model 17 is our favorite spring handgun. Very accurate. HG adds Hop-Up and a full size removable magazine. Dis-assembly lever works as functional safety.

Disclaimer: This is a toy and is not made by the real firearms company and is not affiliated with GLOCK. It is made in Japan and is only a toy. It does not ship with any trademarks at all.

Remember to buy enough BBs since this gun only comes with a small starter pack of 50. Extra magazines are available for this pistol in our Magazines section.

Weight: 285 g
Length: 202 mm
Capacity: 25 rds
Power: 220 fps
Power Source: Spring
Blowback: NO
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto

Worldwide register air shipping cost USD 20

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