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Magpul PTS MVG - MOE Vertical Grip (Dark Earth)
[Code: PT036450313]


Retail Price: 25.00


FINALLY Magpul MOE foregrip AR users have a purpose built tactical front grip they can put to use that doesn?t involve superglue or duct tape.

Not quite a stubby but not full sized either, this mid-length grip is just enough to get maybe 75-85% of a normal guy sized hand on it (or 100% if you have small hands) in full grip or broadly generous if you adopt the Costa-esque angled grip technique.

A hollow shell with broad walls, the lightweight, high strength polymer structure is rock solid but feather light offering increased grip with minimal impact on weapon mass.

Available in different colors, also available in a rail-attach version as well.

Worldwide register air shipping are USD 7

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