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    Flashlight & Parts

Flashlight & Parts

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Element EX 177 Double Remote Control (Dark Earth)
[Code: EX177DE]

Flashlight & Parts

Retail Price: 13.50


This entrancing little gizmo is so simple and yet so interesting one can not help but stop and raise and eyebrow.

Quite simply, it is a single unit with a spring-button quick rail attach clip and is itself a pair of button connected to a pair of leads which can be plugged into AN/PEQ-16A and M3X type units (certain kinds of lasers and flashlights). Each cable is approximately 18cm long with the switch unit being a mere 7.5 cm.

This means that your finger no longer have to stop and hunt for different switches for your various devices, now you can wire up two modules to one assembly for quick one-the-fly choosing and using of either or both modules at any given moment in time with the same single hand.

What is the purpose of this you may ask, well to be honest, the more you think about it the more interesting it gets. You can wire up two separate units to have a flashlight or a laser active alternately or together anytime. You can wire up two different flashlights, with different light levels, for either low light for movement or bright light for searching/dazzling. You can hook up two lasers; one zeroed to your rifle, the other zeroed to the center of your underslung shower shell launchers shot pattern spread or similarly with an underslung shotgun instead.

Or you could just hook up a green and red laser and play binary coded light shows from across the room for entertainment or confusing the enemy. In any case, if you find yourself with too many tactical accessories and not enough switch positions then this could well be the cable-tie-like simplification solution for you.

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