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    Green & Red Laser

Green & Red Laser

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Optronics Precision Red Laser Device (M92 / Tan)
[Code: OP05]

Green & Red Laser

Retail Price: 18.00


A micro laser aiming assist module, drop right on to an M9 type pistol without the need for accessory rails; it attached by clamping around the front of the trigger guard. It is just a low power red dot laser, safer for shorter range and indoor use then the power powerful green lasers.

The laser module comes it two parts, the clamp assembly with attaches to the pistol and the laser pod that bolts on to the bracket. The whole unit has a very homologous and organic design which adds a nice artistic flare to your pistol rather then just a laser emitting brick. The module places one switch on each side, either will work; the positioning allows easy access with the trigger finger from either side.

Its solid polymer construction makes it tough but very lightweight adding barely any weight to your sidearm although the added shape will interfere with form fitting holsters.

Runs on 3x LR44 button batteries, this model comes bundled with 3 included.

Worldwide register air shipping cost are USD 8

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