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    Tokyo Marui (Japan)

Tokyo Marui (Japan)

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Tokyo Marui AUG (High Cycle)- TAN
[Code: TM-4952839170965]

Tokyo Marui (Japan)

Retail Price: 290.00


As a Marui AEG this model is held to the very highest standards of quality control. Mostly polymer with some metal components, this AEG is also very light and with its compact 61 cm length making it a very controllable weapon.

As a high cycle series AEG it sports a very high cyclical rate even with the most modest batteries. Its power is a low-level 250 FPS making this weapon very appropriate for indoor and short range engagements. With this rate of fire, anything much higher than 250 fps would be very unpleasant anyway; to say the least. This model comes with a 330 round high capacity AUG magazine.
This weapon follows after the AUG pattern but makes use of a drastically snubbed barrel and front end but preserving the normal body. with a bullpup design, this weapon handles fanatically compact and space efficient as it barely protrudes in front of the off hand and yet makes use of an M4A1 length inner barrel.

The flat top incorporates a raised (25mm) rail 33cm in length on which the rail attach front and rear iron sights are affixed. Obviously, the generous top rail can be used to add after market optics (though none are included with this weapon). Also, the right side features a short (6cm) rail that sits on a slight angle due to the shape of the weapons body. The original AUG style vertical grip has been replaced in favor of of an extension bar that offers a 13cm long accessory rail on to which they have included a rail attach stubby vertical grip.

A compact, low weight AEG using a full M4A1 length inner barrel with a high cycle rate, very reliable fire, short range safe power and feeding from AUG mags (available 80 to 330 rds). A fantastic choice as a primary weapon indoors or as a secondary weapon for specialists like Snipers or Machine Gunners; they need a backup option that is small and light but with decent enough firepower to compete with AEGs when in limited space or shorter range engagements.

On an operational note, high rate fo fire weapons often leave users constantly winding their highcaps so getting a high cycle series weapon is an opportune time to try out, swap to or just give in to the growing trend of low and midcap users. Tokyo Marui AUG magazines are available in non-winding 80 round versions also available on our website.

The two-stage trigger can be a little heavy for some, it takes some time getting used to but the two-stage pull through both semi and full auto can be incredibly useful. The safety bar can be pushed half way which allows semi-auto but locks out the full auto in case your game bans auto fire and you do not want to slip by mistake.

This models outer barrel has a Marui standard 14mm anti-clockwise (CCW) threading which can accept appropriately compatible aftermarket flash hiders and suppressors. The rear battery compartment can hold a small type NiCad battery and while it could fit a LiPo the High Cycles internals are probably too high speed to accept even a 7.4v LiPo. This model is rear wired with a small Tamiya connector.

Worldwide register air shipping cost USD 80

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