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    FCC customs FTW

FCC customs FTW

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FCC AR Styled Training Weapon (14.5") Challenge Kit (Forged Receiver CK1)
[Code: FC-ARTW-FCK1]

FCC customs FTW

Retail Price: 1190.00


Put your knowledge and skill to test with our FCC AR Styled Training Weapon Challenge Kit!! As an entry level starter kit, it already includes many parts that are considered "upgrades" by many TW platform users. For expericenced TW builders, and for beginners who enter the world of TW , this is the kit for you.

Instead of polymer handguard, Machined, Hard Anodized Aluminium Free Floating Handguard comes as standard.

FCC Forged Aluminium Upper Receiver
FCC Forged Aluminium Lower Receiver
FCC TangoDown style tactical grip(Black)
FCC Multi M4A1/CQB Outer Barrel
FCC MI 10" GEN2 SS-Series
FCC Stock End Plate (Original AR Style)
FCC Enhance trigger guard *Original AR style*
FCC Charging Handle
FCC Enhance magazine catch *Original AR style*
FCC Enhance Bolt Stop set *Original AR Style*
FCC Stainless Steel Cylinder MK2 w/Thrust Bearing ( Choice of M90/100/115 and 130)
FCC AMBIDEXTROUS Complete Gearbox System Torque
FCC Line Set Plate
FCC 6.03 Precision Inner Barrel 374mm (14.5" cabine)
FCC Advanced CNC Hopup System Set Gen3
FCC Advanced Motor System 3.5 w/ Pinion Gear and Fix Pins
FCC Gen2 Mini Mosfet Set (With Steel Stock Tube Cap and Short Control Cable)
FCC Advanced CPU Selector Switch Board Combo
FCC QDpivot pin(fron+rear set)
FCC Dust Cover Set Close Style
FCC Stainless Steel Gastube (Carbine Length)
FCC AR15 Style Front Iron Sight
FCC Forward Assist Knob Set
FCC flash hider
FCC Gen 2 Flash Hider Peel Washer(pack of 4 x 10C,4 x 15C)
FCC Butt Stock(Black)
FCC Buffer Stock Tube G3 , 7 position (UNVERSIAL STYLE) **No Marking**
MAG 160 rds Steel Magazine for TW platform (GI Style)

Register air shipping cost USD 80

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