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Grenade Launcher & Parts

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Deep Fire MK2 Gas Grenade
[Code: DF-SW001]

Grenade Launcher & Parts

Retail Price: 47.60


The MK2 grenade is a fragmentation hand grenade used by the US armed forces during WWII and also in later conflicts such as the Vietnam War. The MK2 was affectionately known as the "pineapple" grenade, for obvious unique aesthetical similarities. The unique shape of the shell was designed to break up on detonation and create more shrapnel.
This is the Deep Fire MK2 Gas Grenade which realistically replicates the original, albeit not as viscious as the original. But this is certainly designed with maximum fun in mind. Simply fill it with gas from the fill-valve in the bottom of the grenade, fill it with BBs and you're ready to rock! Pull the pin out, and throw it towards a target pf your choice and a few seconds later - Bang! As all the BBs are ejected out with a nice bang.
The Deep Fire grenade is easy to maintain, and can be disassembled quickly and easily. We've had the chance tp test it exclusively at Redwolf, and are confident that this is one quality product that is enjoyable to use. The shell is made from durable ABS plastic, that takes the knocks it takes with ease. Extra shells are available in both M26 and MK2 style. Please note that they are not interchangeable between models. Fill with BBs or baby powder, or both for maximum effect!

1. Please take care to install the shells correctly. The inside of the shells are labelled "DF" with a number. It does not matter what numerical order you install the shells, but you need to ensure that the words "DF" are facing DOWN.

2. These grenades are designed to operate in warm or hot weather. Use in cold weather may degrade the explosive performance and may not be sufficient to push the BB's out.
3. Spare shells are sold separately.

If you are afraid of losing the shells, DEEP FIRE suggests you paint the inside of the shells yellow so that when the grenade detonates, you will be able to easily spot your shells on green grass. The shells are weighted in such a way that they are likely to land with the inner surface facing up. When installed onto the grenade, you should NOT be able to see the yellow inner surface!

Worldwide register air shipping cost USD 12

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